Our Mission

Addis Ababa; it means “new flower”.  We see new flowers in the spring and it  rings hope for a summer just around the corner.  Everyone wants to have hope.  Even poverty shackled girls and young women on the streets of “new flower” (Addis Ababa) who must sell themselves so they or their children can eat and survive.  According to Women at Risk of Ethiopia, one out of ten women above 15 succumb to prostitution.  74% of those will become HIV positive.  Their future is limited to usually less than a few years.  If you were 22 years old, two children, no husband, no job, no food, no government safety net, and the likelihood of not living to blow out the candles on your 25th year birthday cake, or seeing your 2 year old’s fifth year birthday cake–what would you hope for?  That is why Loving Shepherd Ministries is in Addis Ababa. 

That is why Susan and I want to go there.  To share hope:  hope in Homes of Hope for orphans whose mommies have died in premature horrific deaths, hope in the love of Jesus Christ for all including prostitutes,  hope for innocent children to escape from exploitation, and eternal hope in a merciful God.   Making a difference, even for one, feels great.  Making an attempt to make a difference and trusting God for the rest does too.  Twenty dollars a month, $240 a year–most of us will spend more than that to update our cell phone, computer system or other american “need”.  If we own a “Fluffy or a Rover” we will statistically spend more for its care. 

Hope is a powerful and valuable commodity.  And it is more.  It empowered our forefathers to cross oceans in tiny little boats.  It has empowered people across generations of time to push beyond physical endurance, beyond present suffering, beyond constraints of their environment to see a future that is better and pursue it.  Without hope life ceases to have meaning.  God knew that and sent “Hope” to all on Earth. 

Our mission is:   Sharing Hope with Hearts.

One Response to “Our Mission”

  1. David Hall December 24, 2011 at 6:12 am #

    Please keep us apprised of your ministry – we’d love to support.
    BTW, we just adopted a beautiful little girl from Ethiopia this Thanksgiving.

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