Changed Heart, New Choice

14 Sep

Circumstances dictate decisions, perhaps more than faith, for many people.  Thoughts originating in the mind bring about selections that lead each of us toward what we think will be the best option for the days still to come.  But this thinking process often is dramatically affected by something we call the “heart”.  Emotional needs and personal preferences based on what we feel will satisfy those needs often prevails over what we would call convictions.  Choice…the Creator’s free will gift to mankind, as the ultimate proof of the love of that Creator.

What happens then when those circumstances are the worst of the worst.  Malignant poverty.  Being all alone due to loss of family and community support structures.  Being pregnant.  Societies cast away.  No safety net provided by government programs.  Can choice take a person in the wrong direction in relation to that life-loving compassionate Creator?  What powers choice for a young lady in those conditions?  Convictions?  Convenience?  Condemnation?  Chances for happiness and well being?  Circumstances affecting continuing existence?

Tirunesh came to that exact place in her life.  She came from a family background of faith and faced a decision that she thought would affect the continued existence of two lives.  Hers and the baby she was carrying.  She faced a choice.  She chose to have an Ethiopian abortion early in that pregnancy.  For some miraculous reason, it was unsuccessful.  She gave birth to a little girl one month ago and found her heart changed in the moment of holding her little girl for the first time.  Even surrounded by the hopeless circumstances of her situation of life on the street of Addis Abeba, one thing was clear, being this little babies momma was the new conviction that would dictate any future decision regardless of desperation.  She came to our drop in center to ask for our help two weeks ago.  She knows that for her little girl to have a chance, she must make choices from the place of a changed heart.  Some call it rehabilitation, some call it reintegration into normal society.  We call it sharing hope with hearts.  For Tirunesh, she will come to call it Compassion…coming from the source of True Compassion.

One Response to “Changed Heart, New Choice”

  1. Sarah Fiechter September 15, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

    Love your stories and life lessons

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