18 Aug

IMG_4130 Illumination

The difference between darkness and light; sometimes it is just an open door.  The difference between despair and hope is often the same…doorways, into a dark empty room or into a dark empty heart.  A blind man living in this room-cave would not understand the difference an open door can make.  But if the scales fell from his eyes and vision was restored, at first, even a small degree of illumination might cause pain.  With his eyes physically, but just as true with his spirit in his figurative world.  There, the security of his darkness masks the starkness of his surroundings when contrasted with the lives beyond the door; maybe our lives.

Even for us who think we live in the light, opening the door of our awareness, many times brings discomfort.  It is easier to live in our own kind of darkness and lack of illumination.  It is easier to remain willfully unaware of the obscure struggles we keep blocked out of our lives on the other side of the door.  While others live in the darkness, we maintain a lite-ness in our lives through a dread of opening the door and it soothes our need for living comfortably in security.  It is less painful to keep the door shut.  Without guilt for lives in the light of affluence.  We allow the door to remain closed.   Ignorance maintains the bliss.  The hurt we fear to look upon in the lives of those on the dark side of the door keeps us from sharing hope with their hearts and opening the door to their darkness.

We can cast off our propensities for excesses, entertainment, and ego-centric, self-indulgence; then, it is easier to open the door.  It does require more than the lite life.  It requires the LIght.  A sacrifice in a life.  Open a door into someones darkness.  Share hope.  The Light flowing through you comes from an infinite supply.

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