Main Street, Downtown

26 Jul


It is not Side Walk Sale Days, but it is the downtown shopping district of one of the rural towns in northern Ethiopia.  Where are the cars?  They belong to people passing through.  Everyone else walks…every where.  Most of the shopping is done in open air markets on market day.  The markets are usually close to the church or mosque and so the downtown will have combinations of small souks, hotels, bars, and  an occasional coffee house or cafe…maybe a cell phone shop.  You can tell it is downtown by the street lights; some will come on when the sun goes down…maybe.  The streets; when it is dry…dust, when it rains…mud.  Can you guess what the Ethiopian dream might be?  On an honest day, way more than half would say, “To go to America.”  Except for the lottery winners, most will be staying in Ethiopia, some making a difference for their people.  Most just fill up their lives working so their children will have it better than they did.  Sound familiar?  If we can help children reach their God-given potential, we have shared real hope with hearts.

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