To Market, To Market

18 Jul


Its only 6 miles to town.  The donkey carries the grain to sell.  Maybe her husband has the mini-van.  Not.  Our young mother has the steering wheel/accelerator/brake in one hand, the air-conditioner in the other and her baby on her back.  After selling the grain, the next stop is “Walmart”.  Then back home in time to fix the evening meal.  She will not be bringing home, a fat pig, even though she will be bringing home the bacon; the orthodox Christians do not eat pork.  For most caught in the web of rural poverty, meat is only for rare holidays.  This mommy has a donkey and an umbrella; she probably has more financial status than most.  It is the abject poverty that steals hope and shapes every dimension of life for rural families.  It is a cruel master and offers only false hope’s promise in the words of any evil panhandler talking of gold over the rainbow behind the next hill.  Young girls risk life and all trusting in the lies that lead them to the city for a supposed better life.

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