Peace in Ethiopia

29 Jun


Tell me about your peace with God.  Tell me by saying something different than the standard repetitive phrases that are regurgitated by tongues in rote but not felt in the soul.  Tell me something from your heart that confirms to me that you have felt something given from God.  Tell me what it is not, if you are in the process of redefining after a remarkable revelation.  Don’t focus on lost and found; that is for car keys or wallets.  Tell me about the changes it has brought to your mind.  What part does it have in your worship and praise?  Do you long for a deeper relationship with a Heavenly Father; is this peace not part of the equation?

When I think of what peace could be in Ethiopia, I think of absence of conflict and hardship.  I think of good will shared by mankind of different tribes and faiths.  I know that peace within and between nations is given of God and orchestrated by men.  But mankind must truly know peace with God if they are to achieve living in it.  There is no modernly practiced religion capable of bringing peace to Ethiopia, or America, or any other country.  And contrary to contemporary thought, the absence of religion will not bring it either.  The equality of all religions is actually the most absurd hope of all for achieving peace.  It is simply beyond the selfish and zealous bent in human natural minds to achieve.  Two absolute truths cannot exist in the same paradigm.  And if compromised absolute truths are necessary for democracy’s existence, then democracies will ultimately fail.

If you can tell me about your Peace with God, then you can effectively share it with others.  Create a desire for what you have, so great, that your listener would give anything to have the same; even a change in their current absolute truth.  As we experience peace with God, only then can we talk about the eternal hope to be shared in hearts and the hope for peace of nations.  Those who would have nothing to share should be envious enough of those of us who do, to be ready to listen, if we speak with love rather than hatred, violence, superiority, or self-righteousness.

A wise prophet once spoke, “God will keep the person in perfect peace, whose mind is fixed on Him.”  Praise God there is a perfect source for that perfect peace.

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  1. Klint July 1, 2013 at 7:40 pm #

    Thanks for the great blog

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