From a Distance

8 Jun

Ten kilometers away.  Not even close to 1000 thousand miles.  People live on that mountain top plateau in the distance.  I went there and shook their hands and we smiled at each other.  Nuns and monks, a few shepherds.  From this distance you would not know they are there.  One can enjoy the magnificent view of the 6800 ft mountain raising from a surrounding high plateau which is already over 6000 feet above sea level.  Marvelous is God’s sovereign handiwork and creative design.  Ten kilometers protects us from the realities in the lives of those living there.  Are they happy?  Do they get lonely?  What brings them joy or pain?   Do they think of love and hope?  Do they feel blessed or cursed in their portion?  Did they chose life in that high place or did birth do that for them?  Do they find their peace in knowing God sent them there?  From 10 kilometers we are only aware of the beauty of the view.

If the details in the lives at the top of the mountain are hard to think about, we can move back 10 more kilometers and then the mountain disappears.  With time, in our minds eye, only the beautiful vistas remain.  Our lives and those lives are lived from a distance.  We can remember shaking a hand and sharing a smile but we cannot remember the circumstances of each others lives.  We cannot say we understand and know each other from a moments greeting.  Even in that instant our lives were a thousand miles apart.

Can we care from a distance?  Yes, if our hearts connect beyond a handshake and a smile.  When we choose to erase the distance and allow our hearts the risk of perceiving another’s pain, only then can we say we understand…Enough?…to share hope in their hearts.  On rare occasions, it can be done with words.

From a distance God saw His children living on the mountain top, but He closed the gap, shook our hands for a few years, and smiled upon us from a cross.  Close enough to know our pain.  Weak enough to die.  Strong enough to conquer death with a promise and a hope.

One Response to “From a Distance”

  1. Klint June 10, 2013 at 4:00 pm #

    Love how you ended this post… Prayers.

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