Higher Ground

3 Jun


The journey there is an arduous upward trek.  There is no gravity taking one closer to the final table land destination.  No coasting up the mountain side.  Stopping to rest…that needs to happen, but one cannot stay. The darkness and cold of the night are just on the other side of the sunset.  The leopards come out in the night.  And so step by step, “cusp b’ cusp”, one pushes on, climbing ever higher.  The fear of falling is the constant enemy and it multiplies the sweat of the brow.  Looking over the shoulder to see where one has been only impedes future progress and staying on the path of those who have successfully gone before.  The sun’s warm rays strain to pierce the secret places in the gorges and the shade bids one to linger there too long.  The dryness of the mouth from the toiling for breath succumbs to a cool sip of water and one searches the horizon wondering on the threating clouds of an approaching storm.  The guide says, “Follow me.  Let me carry your burden.”  One trusts him, but feels the fallibility of his own strength.

“Just a litter further, you are almost there.”  The encouragement sheds a ray of hope into your heart…enough to draw one more breath.  Keep looking up.  Get a grip…hand above hand…foot above foot.  Then suddenly it is there. The elusive promised goal is in sight.  The palpable truth coursing through your being is that of being more than a conqueror.  When you agreed to the journey the guide promised he would go with you each step of the way and he kept his promise.  His final words, “Well done good and faithful follower, enter into the joy.”  The spiritual walk is a lot like scaling a mountain.

2 Responses to “Higher Ground”

  1. Ed June 3, 2013 at 4:00 pm #

    Ah, I felt like I was with you! So glad that we can walk together on this heavenly journey as well. Blessings…

  2. Dick Clark June 3, 2013 at 8:30 pm #

    I continue to pray for you every day !! Gods Blessings on your endevors !!

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