Picturesque Prominade

19 Mar

Picturesque Promanade“Blue Nile Park”

This tranquil park is on the banks of the Blue Nile River where it flows from Lake Tana near Bar Hahdar.  Here, the river’s current is barely noticed, but along it’s path through Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, there are many falls and beautiful gorges.  The focal point of this park, in addition to it’s natural beauty, is an architecturally magnificent museum commemorating the war that overthrew the Socialist Communist regime in the early 90’s.  The stories we have heard of the hopelessness of radical, dictatorial communism have sounded a loud warning.  When the Ethiopian people, who have endured the atrocities of evil government, share their experience, it raises up the importance of prayerful involvement in freedom’s process.  Once a nation has experienced the consequences of “good men doing nothing,”… “Menged betam kabot now!”

OH, BY THE WAY;  one of the first actions of the evil regime coming to power here in Ethiopia…house to house confiscation of all guns.

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