New Direction

2 Feb

How does one evaluate energy expended related to results hoped for.  If a project takes two to four hours and produces few results, was the project a foolish expenditure of energy, a fools errand, or were the hoped for results just an unrealistic expectation.  Writing a blog is like that.  So you will see this blog going in a different direction for a little time.  A writer without readers is like an orchestra playing in an abandoned warehouse.  And this blog is no literary orchestra, I know that. Christmas gift in Ethiopia

A writer who is focused on his perception of what former readers found to be  irrelevant relevance is like listening to that orchestra warming up. It is the age old question, “If a tree falls in a woods is there any sound…if a blog post falls in the woods is there any vision.  Updated vision, new focus and new direction.  I will try to post some relevant pictures with  the bare minimum of verbiage.  Short and easy to read.  If the picture shares any hope with your heart share it with friends.  This pix is titled, “Christmas Present in Ethiopia” .  Her name is Nigist.  It means Queen.  On this day at the Christmas party at Children’s Heaven, Nigist was a queen.  She wouldn’t have been any happier with a gift of diamonds and pearls.  Nigist shared hope with my heart this day.

3 Responses to “New Direction”

  1. Pat February 2, 2013 at 9:30 pm #

    That button on a string brings back memories.

  2. Debbie Dinkleman February 3, 2013 at 2:07 am #

    Dear Susan and Allen,
    I always read your posts but I don’t always respond or comment……so sorry! It’s amazing how time on the computer can eat up much of my free time. I have appreciated the insights and spiritual lessons and stories you have shared in previous blogs. I have to admit the photos are sometimes worth 100 words. But don’t think your previous blogs fell on deaf ears — I’m sure they touched many hearts like mine who didn’t always respond and give you the feedback you needed to inspire and encourage you. Please carry on with the comments, lessons and photos that have touched your hearts. They help us share in your ministry and know how to pray for you.

    Besides making donations to your ministry, which many of us did in memory of our Dad, is it possible to “sponsor” a child through Loving Shepherd Ministries? We have found a boy in South America we may sponsor through World Vision, but what about your mission? Please let me know ( Much love to you both and blessings on your work, Debbie

  3. Vanessa February 3, 2013 at 6:22 am #

    I think 95% of the world’s bloggers would echo your words. Re-evaluating and re-evaluating again content, flow, and images. Craft your posts in the way the the Lord is leading, but know that the number of comments are little indication of hearts reached. 🙂

    And what a sweet, happy little “Queen”. I’m glad you got to spend “Christmas” in such a special way.

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