Wonder or Wander

26 Jan

ET Sunrise 013When something is almost too magnificent to believe it can cause contemplation.  Beholding the believable with sight, and struggling to fathom it in the minds-eye.  A wonder and to wonder.  Then there is the other word.  We should pronounce it w-“ah”-nder, but our tongues get lazy and slip into the “uh”…as in, “Duh!”, where there is no wonder. Just the absurdity of a given triviality.  The sunrise is a wonder.  The sun coming up each morning is sometimes vanquished into the “duh”.  Roaming up to the balcony in search of inspiration from the infinite beauty of the gift of a new day is…”aaahhh”.

The sun came up in Ethiopia today.  Despite world news or sporting event results or political travesty or our perceptions of what is fair.  The One whose faithfulness gave us this gift of today, sends us wonders to cause our minds to reflect on the glory of His majesty.  Whether our journey traveled is up one flight of stairs, across 8000 miles, or into the bedroom to witness the peace of a sleeping child,  the wonders all around us convince our hearts.  Life is a journey and hope keeps it from becoming an aimless wander.  The daily destinations accumulate into an eternal one.   The pursuit of Wonder of Wonders gives us purpose and passion and perception and progress and peace and a place of refuge.  The Promise fulfilled may be just beyond the next sunrise, and today will not pass without placing our all on the altar.  Picture the hope shared with hearts as a wonder too glorious to keep in the private place of our own existence.  As we wonder about what we can do to make a difference, we can become convinced that life was meant to be more than just passing through.  Each of us was meant to be an “aaahhh”, not a “duh”.  The Giver-Of-Each-Day is worthy of that.

One Response to “Wonder or Wander”

  1. Doug Isch January 28, 2013 at 10:36 pm #

    Thanks for the encouragement. So easy to be distracted and miss the wonder of it all.

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