Meaning From Stones

13 Jan

Joshua commanded one man from each tribe to carry a stone from the middle of the dried up Jordan river bed into the promised land so that a twelve stone monument could be erected as a reminder to coming generations of God’s faithfulness.  Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would ask, “What mean ye by these stones?”  Then those who had experienced the deliverance and each generation following would have a testimony to share passing on a heritage of trust.

We should be asking ourselves, what are the stones that we are carrying through the crossing-Jordan experiences of our lives?  What is the monument we are building to leave behind?  Wealth and assets?  What will be remembered when future generations observe the memorials our lives represent?   Will they see God’s hand of deliverance and be encouraged into trust and obedience to the God of our freedom?  Will they care enough to ask the question?  Will the consistency and courage of our example offer a reason for them to engage those truths into their own lives for their own epitaphs?

What are the stones, the examples, that could comprise a memorial that would generate this kind of generational dialogue?  Paul laid out some principles in Philippians chapter four.  Check it out and hold it up to the hope you want to share into the hearts of those who follow when you pass.

1.  Steadfast and courageous

2.  Like minded thinking, unity rather than individualism

3.  Quick to the labor with helping hands

4.  Rejoicing always

5.  Moderation in lifestyle, patient, devoid of strong opinions

6.  Reject anxiety, commit all things to God

7.  Immerse into the Peace of God

8. Focus thinking with mental discipline, meditate on: truth, honesty, justice, purity, beauty, and virtue

9.  Choose good role models to emulate and be one

10.  Give with generosity when God opens opportunity

11.  Practice contentment with Godly wisdom to know the difference between needs and wants

12.  Rely on Christ’s strength to give everlasting Glory to God

These principles are legacy stones, worthy of remembrance.  An inheritance built around finance is a monument of pebbles built on a foundation of sand.

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