Hope is Rising

28 Dec

Christmas Sunrise
The sun is rising over Lake Tanna near Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.  It is Christmas morning.  The few scattered clouds defuse the penetrating power of the ascending spectacle of light and shadow.  Silver linings give way to golden with the approaching apparent closeness to the radiant glory.  Distant hills meld into tree-lined shores and reflections race across the water to be received in cascading visual splendor.  Beams of light converge at the vortex of their beginnings.  Those beams left their source while this place was still surrounded in darkness and raced through millions of miles and across time to arrive at this precise moment to be presented as a gift to the eye of the beholder.

All glory and praise to the Father of Lights…and the Father of the Light of the World.

Hope can also rise in our hearts.  Clouds in our sunrises become opportunities for golden linings and especially as we view them from their proximity to the source of Light.  Each magnificent morning of our lives as believers is met in the illuminating mercy of each created second of time.  The present moments conceived in past darkness when our unknown futures were nothing more than obscure mystery.  The author of that conception already knowing the potential of His reflected glory to pass over the shrouded hills, over the static tree-lined shores, and over and across still or raging, ever-changing waters.  Revealed splendor converging from the Gift received to the Gift Giver.  So we each choose to awaken to behold the dawn of the new day and receive the Gift sent across time from the source of Glory.  Or sleep on.  Past the Son Rise.  Awake or asleep, each day… hope is rising anew…and each of us has the opportunity to embrace it in the eyes of our understanding and pass it on to others.
Bahir Dar Gonder 2012 079

One Response to “Hope is Rising”

  1. Abay December 28, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    It is powerful Allen. You are right we all have the opportunity every morning to embrace hope.

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