Girls Just Want to Have Fun

15 Dec

Is it hard for you to tell which of these girls might already be HIV positive?  It is for me…I wish I could say none of them were.  Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss but it is not an affordable luxury.  There is a different and harsher reality here.  We had a meeting with the parents and guardians of these beautiful young ladies to explain the advantages of testing early to evaluate their HIV status.  The picture below does not contain the whole group of 81, ranging from 6 to 18 in age.  They came to this place today to be together in a safe environment to have fun.  It is a place for smiles, giggles and laughing.  It is a place to be a part of a group where poverty is the norm and where not having a dad or a mom or either is also the norm.  It is a place where it is OK to wear clothes that are just “new for you”.  It is a place where they will have a chance to eat a meal.  It is a place where they talk about their favorite sports, hobbies, their favorite subjects in school, and what they want to be when they grow up.  And it is safe to say that the older ones talk about boys.  The younger ones would still say, “Yuck!”

When they grow up…

For those  who have not yet reached their fifteenth birthday, they will not be told of the results.  For those past their fifteenth birthday they will be informed after counseling.  It is not easy to be fifteen and hear such news.

But there is hope with anti-retro-viral drugs and nutritional supplements.  That is why 75 out of 81 of the girls have been given permission for the test.

We are investing in their future by investing in their nutrition, spiritual life, education, safety and health.  We want to share hope with their hearts and give them a chance to share future smiles and dreams and to enjoy a place where they can come and just have fun.

girls having fun at CH

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  1. Sarah Fiechter December 18, 2012 at 3:52 am #

    wow…thanks for sharing.

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