Turkey and Dressing

22 Nov

They say the sense of smell is a very powerful trigger for conjuring up memories which extend or recall the experience. It must be a part of the rationale behind perfume and men’s cologne. It is probably also part of the success of the Thanksgiving Holiday. The aromas emanating from the kitchen and wafting through the house as we entered with three little babies in tow along with diaper bags and the dish we were assigned to bring along. Mom always did the turkey and dressing. We usually entered through the kitchen and then past the long table decorated in harvest colors and complete with cornucopia containing tangerines, oranges, apples, grapes and nuts to crack. We would arrive after morning worship and once in a while some melting snowflakes would leave some tiny wet spots on our overcoats on first arrival. Often Dad would have the prayer as we sat down to an abundant meal…his voice often betrayed by the overwhelming gratitude flowing out of his heart.
My favorite thing was the turkey and dressing. Even though my appetite had been fully quenched, I would often have seconds. Maybe because it was what Mom made. It was her work in the kitchen that made the meal possible and often it was her work in the home that made family possible. Maybe it was because the combination was the focal point of the meal and the meal was the focal point of the expression of my heart. They seemed to fit together. Turkey and dressing. Our family seemed to fit together. There was a simplicity to life. It was one of the reasons we were thankful.
Being separated at Thanksgiving, I remember the aromas. Turkey and dressing…togetherness and thankfulness…simplicity and family. These are the triggers that conjure up the hope shared in my heart of the coming Banquet Table where all tribes, tongues, and peoples will sit together. Turkey and dressing? Probably something even better.

2 Responses to “Turkey and Dressing”

  1. Pat November 22, 2012 at 9:04 pm #

    Tthinking of you too today. The turkey hasn’t started to cook yet, well I cooked it yesterday and reheat today. No thoughts of snow here today. It’s about 60 degrees.

  2. Sarah Fiechter November 23, 2012 at 6:35 pm #

    You have a way of hitting the emotions, Allen. Hope the two of you had a wonderful day – despite being separated from your family….and the smells of Thanksgiving

    Love, Sarah

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