When Its All Said and Done

10 Nov

“Anyway.”  Have you ever noticed how often we employ this little catch all connector in our lives and conversation.  We come to a place where it is difficult to continue talking because we have limitations of understanding everything about what has just gone before.  Sometimes we follow up “Anyway,” with, “…when its all said and done…”  It is only natural we then try to encapsulate what we do understand with a platitude to try to make sense out of all the unexplainables that have just left our tongues and brains in a quandary.

I find my brain trapped in “Anyway.” right now.  And every time I try to come up with an ending for, “When its all said and done…”, I run into platitudes.  I desperately desire for the platitudes to remain triumphant in the place of peace so that the concluding thoughts are maintained as a principle.  Unchangeable truths unshakable in anyway times.  Many times ridiculed or derided by those who assume “enlightenment”.  I am like others whose Faith is the only plausible endgame.  We try to make sense of the future by relating it to what we know from the past.  When what has passed confuses us, our future goals and aspirations also lose clarity.  Instead of hope rising to improve future days we are tempted to continue the ride on the anyway train to the place where we settle for arresting the progress of decline rather than ascending to new glorious heights.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick.  Faith’s enemies rely on the truth of this platitude.  Faith is more than a crutch to limp through to the end of, “when its all said and done…”,  it is more than a platitude.  So before we slip into coasting through the endgame of a frustrated cause with a mere platitude, “Anyway, God is in control.”, let us remember that this never justifies inaction.  It is the rally cry.  Resolutely continue the battle.  It is in the anyway times, others around us are most open to our lives and actions sharing true hope with their hearts.

One Response to “When Its All Said and Done”

  1. Debbie Dinkleman November 11, 2012 at 4:35 am #

    Thanks for the “rally cry” and for the reminder that despite uncertainty or discouraging times, the Lord’s call to love, serve and minister to others should always inspire us to obey…..We think of you often and appreciate these thoughtful articles. God Bless!

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