Trumping Complaint

5 Nov

How many times have you heard someone begin a statement with the words, “For now…”?  For now, I am married to Arnold.  For now, we are living in an apartment.  For now, I am working part time.  For now, I am driving a 1998 F-150.  For now means, “I am not there yet.  Wherever there is.  But it is definitely not here.  There is a differed gratification that requires being patient, or possibly, an expectation or apprehension that yields…not so patient.  When it really is, not so patient, there is an unstated discontent that borders on complaint that has mastered our peace.

Yesterday was Orphan Sunday, in the USA at least.  There was a statistic in an email that stated, 143,000,000 orphans in the world today.  That may be an old statistic by now.  At the least, it is rounded off in one direction or the other.  So maybe 143,000,137 children this morning said, “For now, I don’t have a mommy and daddy.”  And tomorrow morning, most of those same children will say the same thing.  Or worse.  “For now, I am naked, or hungry, or homeless, or a slave.”  Their here does not even have a there for comparison.  They live without hope.  Some have never known it.

Of all the things that we have to wait on,…many times impatiently,…our here is not there, our pursuits and our putting-up-withs are delayed to the point of discontent; to stare at the hopelessness of no love, no security, no home is truly beyond our comprehension.  Even trusting for a better future exists in having hope.  Hope for a change.

For now, Orphan Sunday has past.  Does the for now of the present in our lives have any room for the future there where an orphan will see a future hope for the first time in their life.  Sharing hope with hearts in the lives of the fatherless happens when each of us commits to replacing petty discontents with the passion for the things that produce discontent in the heart of God.  The orphans of Ethiopia and the World bring no gratification to our Heavenly Father.  Many of our complaints are in the same category.

One Response to “Trumping Complaint”

  1. mfiechter November 6, 2012 at 3:37 am #

    Convicting thoughts…thanks for sharing.

    Love and blessings,

    Mike & Shari

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