Peace Like a River

26 Oct

Imagine with me a place of sanctuary.  A hideaway of tranquility.  There is a bubbling stream of crystal clear cool water flowing over and around the stepping-stone rocks that could lead to the other side if you were in a hurry to get there.  But you are not.  You linger on the large flat stone with your dangling, bare toes tingling in the pristine chill of the gentle current.  Too cool for a bath, but you don’t need one…you are already washed.  You lean back on your elbows and the Sunrays warm your face and struggle to penetrate your eyes.  But you desire no greater experience of light.  The miniature cascade upstream to your left is an amplified distant rushing, a far proximity, like cotton filled ears; turbulence far removed in past or future.  But you are incapable of regret or apprehension.  You trust in the present Haven and in its Giver.  In the meadow bordering the opposite shore grazes a buck and a doe feeding on the dew drenched grass, remnant of the morning mist that hangs just above the trees…game for the hunter, but you do not hunger after mortal sustenance.  The whisper of a breeze tickles the boughs of the pines but it does not obscure the wood thrush melody that raises praise to the highest Heaven…your ears are dull of hearing the sounds of the petulant, permissive vain jangling’s of men.  The distant peal of the church-bell chimes calling does not intrude upon this reconnoiter with reverie…it whispers of the multitude yet singular way God meets with mankind and helps us to retreat into a faith in His control.  We reap the bounty of hope shared with our hearts from a stillness that reverberates that God is God, timeless in existence and completely independent of the choices of his created beings, but nonetheless glorified by our worship in the serenity of contentment and soul safety within His will.  Join me in this place.

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