Strength is Rising

13 Oct

There are repeating patterns in life.  Routines.  Some daily, some weekly, some monthly, and some yearly.  Yet, life is a mixture of the routines and the fresh new experiences.  When a person is bombarded by a period of time where either the routine or the new experiences preclude the mix,  it can be a time of either boredom and monotony or anxiety and stress.  Monotony yearns for adventure and exotic yearns for familiar in a quest for balance.

In a new country and culture, at first, the new experiences are falling down like rain.  Routines are as predictable as the timing of lightening flashes.  Slowly there is an evolution.  Familiarity invades the unique and strength is rising, balance is regaining its footing.  “Been here before,”  finally happens for the weekly, then monthly, and lastly, the yearly cycles.  Not yet mundane but at least second time around.  Second rainy seasons.  Second returns after visits home.  Renewal applications for yearly residency permits.  Second farewells to friends making annual visits.

In all of this fluctuation and demand for constant flexibility, one revers the oasis of the daily routine…interludes with the Heavenly Father.  Brick by brick the walls of self protection hiding our insecurities are torn down until our hearts are abandoned in “Abat hoi, anta bicha.” (“Oh, Father, only you.”)  At least some of the agenda’s we did not think existed in the recesses of our hearts have been demolished.  “Oh to be Nothing” is more than just a song to sing in absent-minded distraction.  It is the only place of strength.  The hope we share with hearts stems not from our ability to negotiate the routines or the adventures but from the rising strength and faith that God alone is in control of all things.  He is sovereign.  He alone is constancy in the routines and He alone is surety in the unfamiliar.  The repeating pattern of hope… “His mercy endures forever.”

One Response to “Strength is Rising”

  1. klint f October 15, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

    Praying for you…

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