Land of the Free

22 Sep

Oohh, say could She see…what so proudly we hail at OUR twilights last gleaming.  And if She could teach us from all the experiences She has witnessed…and if we understood the responsibility of freedom, what would be the sacrifice we would make so that our grandchildren could finish the true words of the stanzas of our Anthem?

“oh say does that star-spangled banner still wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Has entitlement trumped sacrifice, or can we, each one look beyond our own benefits that we think we are owed?  Has both leadership and citizenship forgotten the immortal words, “ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU.” spoken by JFK?  Are we united in anything more than selfish ambition to claim, “As long as I get what I deserve.”?  One issue individualists with less collective heart than a statue.

Notice the tallest building in the background…the One World Trade Center (rather ironic name possibly), still under construction.  At its base is Ground Zero.  Lady Liberty looks on.   Her eyes would have seen the billowing smoke, Her ears would have heard the distant rumble…twice.  The collective pain of the nations past dark moments and the collective hope in the nation’s future glory is only the summation of each of our spirit’s willingness to remember and learn and dream.  But in those dreams must abide more than selfish ambition.  There must abide all that is good in Loving God and Loving others enough to make the sacrifices that have been modeled by the best who have pursued freedom with the abandon for the greater good of others.  Who will lead the best…he who will be willing to make the greatest sacrifice.  Who would lay down his life for a friend?  Who will show the best responsibility of citizenship…only the one who sees beyond the image they have made into their God in their morning mirror.

Some think and make choices as if America is or must become irrelevant.  A statue does not share hope with hearts.  But the sacrifice it stands for does.  And people… they share hope best when they become willing to make a sacrifice.  Irrevelavant…only if each heart thinks only of themselves.

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