When Daddy Smiles

20 Aug

At the end of the morning it was still “Thumbs up,” for good health.  These girls came from Children’s Heaven for health screening before school starts.  Even though we are still waiting for our license, we wanted to have our first trial run for new patient protocols at the clinic.  We were treated to singing in the waiting area by those who were waiting their turn to be evaluated by the pediatrician.  The morning was a blessing for all the staff.  We had a chance to get a little taste of the potential the clinic will have as part of our overall ministry here. 

One of the surprises of the morning was when one of the girls came up to Susan and said, “I love you.” followed by, “Jesus loves you.” in sign language.  They had remembered those lessons from the time of teaching in July shown in an earlier post.

The hardest thing about the morning…the little girl on the right in the back row, shortly after the picture, pulled on my sleeve and motioned like she had a secret.  I bent over to listen, expecting the Amharic language.  She asked in her best English, “You be my father?”

The little girl, back row, on the left showed me a few new playground dance steps that accompany an Amharic nursery rhyme and almost every girl wanted her turn to dance with the old man in the red coat.  The little teacher asked for round two, and three, and four.  Then she asked, “You tired?”  At least I could answer that one.

There were lots of ballerina twirls and little princesses wanting hugs and praise.  What was the truth reinforced in my heart shared by The One sharing hope with hearts?…every little girl needs the praise and hugs of the man she sees as daddy…even if it is only for a brief moment.  So, papas – Hug your daughters today and tell them they are special.  Do not let the moment get away.

For me – too soon it was gone.

3 Responses to “When Daddy Smiles”

  1. mfiechter August 20, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    Such a touching post! I had tears and then had to laugh as I pictured Allen dancing with the little girls. J May God continue to bless His work in Ethiopia through willing people like you “sharing hope with hearts”! We love you, Mike & Shari

  2. Debbie Dinkleman August 20, 2012 at 9:28 pm #

    ….brought tears to my eyes, Allen. You and your team must bring so much hope and love to these little ones just by your presence and by presenting the Gospel, they see you as the very image of heavenly parents! i pray your work continues to touch their hearts and heal their bodies in the name of our Lord!

  3. klint f August 20, 2012 at 11:51 pm #

    God be praised! Thanks for the touching post, as always!

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