No Shoes, No Feet, No Skype

16 Jun

As we evaluate our surroundings, it is common to notice things we would like to be different.  A better car.   A little inadequacy here, a deficiency there.   A better computer.  Some longing or expectation unmet.   New carpet for the family room.  We are practiced in the art of comparing and our default is to notice what we do not possess or secretly want to be transformed.  A different home.  Sometimes not so secretly with audible complaints.  Our needs are evaluated by the perceptions of the importunities of our own environment and lot in life.  What we are used to and what we have already experienced sets the context or backdrop for all of our interpretations of the appropriateness of our present station.

From time to time, we notice another person’s plight and in those moments of when life’s truthful realities prevail upon our awareness, we are allowed to experience a perspective and point of contrast.  It can be painful.  Sometimes it’s just a, “Duh!” or, “I-could-have-had-a-V8!”

There are shallow-water times in our lives when our eyes are closed to revelation.  There are deep-water times when we furtively wish for blindness.  There are times when we know by what we have realized; there will never again be the uninformed peace of, “I did not know.”

Enter the rumor.  It is possible that in the future we may not have any access to Skype.  As I remember my complaints about the quality of transmission on our family calls my “no-shoes” context was set in the comparison to quality available in other settings.  The “no-feet” context that could lie ahead would be one of those changed perspective moments.  In every change, or change not granted we look to the Only One who truly shares hope with hearts.

One Response to “No Shoes, No Feet, No Skype”

  1. Patricia Vorpagel June 19, 2012 at 10:11 pm #

    Hi Susan and Allen,

    It was so good to have the opportunity to skype and connect with you at the family reunion last month! What a blessing that was! Your experiences really help put life in perspective! Thank you for sharing them. I just started reading “Cutting For Stone” which has been sitting on my dresser for about 6 months waiting for some free time, not realizing that it is set in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia! I feel the Spirit moving and pray for His continued outpouring upon your work! Many Blessings!
    Patty Vorpagel and family

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