Cinderella’s Ball

2 Jun

It is now 6:40 pm and “they” say it will happen at the stroke of midnight.  (Why does the bad stuff happen as the clock strikes twelve?  Is it the end of a day or the beginning of a new one that we fear?)  Our Milky Way galaxy is speeding toward a head-on collision with Andromeda Galaxy.  On the day clock of “their” calculations of our existence, the Milky Way has around five hours and twenty minutes left.  The end of the day. The coach goes back to a pumpkin and the prince is left with a glass slipper.  But there is plenty of time, for those who worry that all risks of their existence must be covered, to purchase galaxy collision insurance.

For the rest of us, we will still live by faith, trusting the God who was big enough to only need seven days to set it all into motion, and big enough to bring it to an end without a cosmic Easter-egg battle.  What time is it on His clock?  Are we twirling and turning on the ball room floor in the arms of a fairy tale prince?  Do we see ourselves in the imaginary royal gown of a make-believe princess, enraptured by a few more moments of fantasy, or the filthy rags of a servant girl?

What is His clock’s interval between the “tick” and the “tock”?  How many chimes have pealed for the beginning of His new day?  Will we arouse from our trance just in time to rush down the palace steps so as not to be seen clothed as we really are?  There are so many in this world that will suffer and perish who did not have a chance to go to the ball…the real one in the new day.  In their reality, the end of a day…the beginning of the next one…they are all the same.  For them, this life is anything but a party and the hope of the next is all they could want.  If they could just hear the invitation.  In that we are called to a mission.  In that, we are striving to share this hope with hearts.

One Response to “Cinderella’s Ball”

  1. Klint June 4, 2012 at 4:37 pm #

    Living in a trance… convicting…praying

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