Gittin’ Lucky

26 May

For some it is God’s will.  Xabiere y’mesken

For some it is merely fate, karma, or coincidence.  Good fortune.  Blessed-by-the-gods.  Gittin’ lucky.  Somehow events way beyond our control, way beyond our ability to affect an outcome…somehow these outcomes come out in a fluky, providential way which exercises a great benefit or detriment upon our lives.  

Somehow.  This word is a vacuum, sucking in the impossible chances, trying to give explanation and meaning to happenstance.  When there is no other answer for why, human beings can pull this out of life’s thesaurus and employ it to reduce the random…to justify the unexplainable.  In the end it is a word for the faithless.  It has become the foundation for false religions.  It has become the foundation for no religion.

But, there are faithful people who are ensnared by their understanding of God’s will.  For some it is a forlorn resolve into existence within a miserable earthly plight.  They sit with hand upturned and a hanky on the pavement waiting to get lucky.  Blessing of the day.  They see no other choice and even if one existed the abandonment of hope would have robbed them of any attempt to visualize a different future.

Hope opens the door to somehow.  Hope opens the door for a living faith.  Hope takes faith and makes it speak of future change.  Hope was not confined to a tomb.  Conquering even death.  Hope gives meaning to life and afterlife and gives mankind courage to put a hand out and take hold of opportunities, present and eternal.  The hope we are sharing with hearts dares to think that change is possible.  Gittin’ lucky has nothing to do with it.  Neither do karma and fate.  Coming to a living faith with transforming power takes us beyond the limitations of the false religions that merely tranquilize the misfortunate.  God’s will is a pursuit not a quagmire.  God’s will was perfectly displayed by one who walked in the hope of victory, throwing off the agony of life’s defeats.

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