Mist and Shadows

12 May

Some of you are interested in weather reports.

There are days when the rain comes down like a mist.  Not in drops…no splish-splash into the slowly forming puddles. It is just an all-day oppressive pervading presence of moisture that takes the life out of your hair leaving it limp and soggy.  The wet socks hanging on the clothes line grow longer as the afternoon ambiance grows dimmer.  Simon and Garfunkel in their song, Sounds of Silence, wrote…”turn my collar to the cold and damp.”  Soon it will be night and the mists give way to the shadows under the street lamps.

The sun was not visible today.  And she will be there again tonight…in the mist and shadows of that light.  On edge of the faint illumination.  In the safety of the shadow but out of the dangers of the total darkness.  Wanting to be seen and wanting to be hidden.  Needed by a precious few.  Mostly unwanted.  Mostly used.

When the sun is not shining it is cold.  Especially at night.  Nights are cold anyway and damp in the mists.  With or without the collar.  Sometimes they are long and lonely and hope has been abandoned to the shadows and the darkness that waits just outside the circle of perceived safety.  She is silently standing, listening for the sounds of…footsteps.  Each time the steps approach there is a mixture of fear, dread, and shame rising in her throat, like vomit, to accompany the anticipation of income needed to support her children at home.  Will he want me, will he hurt me, will he give me sickness, will he pay me?  Will God forgive me…if I should die before they wake, I pray the Lord their souls to take…care of.  I can’t even pray for me anymore controls her heart. 

There are no stars out tonight.  The romantic moon is a memory of another time for her.  Sodden hair and socks. Once she was a pretty little girl.  Innocently playing.  Now she wears her beauty as a curse.  It has hardened.  But God sees through the mists and shadows of her heart and longs for her to become a little child again.

The rainy season is coming in a month.  It is the coldest time of the year.  It is the dreary mist and shadows time, outside.  In Addis, for many the weather is irrelevant.  Rain or shine, there is no Son.  Unless we are sharing hope with hearts.  Always alone can become “Never Alone”.

2 Responses to “Mist and Shadows”

  1. Sarah Fiechter May 12, 2012 at 2:47 pm #

    I love your writing style. Again, thanks for sharing…


  2. Klint May 15, 2012 at 5:25 pm #

    Thanks, and praying…


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