Just Visiting

11 Apr

A journey involves at least two locations.  Where you left when you started and the endpoint you are going to when you are finished.  It is usually much more complicated, but not always.  A journey to the frig during a TV commercial starts from the couch, ends in the kitchen and has to be less than a minute in duration.  Even then there can be difficulties…somebody ate the last of the left-over potato salad and there is white fuzz on last week’s pizza so now you have to fire up the microwave and flop in a sack “This Side Up”.  On the way back from your kitchen visit, being pushed for time and late, you trip and stumble over the cat.  Ahhh, such are life’s unexpected calamities.  Calamities can disguise the insignificance of the journey with such consternation as would be deserving of a much more arduous trek.

Begin the rest of life.  Where are you starting from now and where is the final destination?  Is it a couch-to-the-kitchen speed run serving self-indulgence between the breaks of entertainment?  Will you stumble over things you would have seen if you had not been in such a hurry?  Where is it that you consider to be the kitchen place you are “Just Visiting”.  Are you “At Home” veg’ing on the couch or “At Home” standing and staring into life’s open ice-box searching for old potato salad and fuzzy pizza?  Is the destination simply making it back to the couch?  What are the substitutions that you settle for?  Will the remaining days have more “food” value than a bowl of popcorn…air filled fluff…or will those days be filled with something substantial?  What calamities will trip you up in the hurried journey to avoid missing out on the inconsequential?

Define the final destination of the journey.  Where is home?  Is it in the three score and ten or does another place and another time share hope with your heart?  If we are passing through on this journey one time, our hope and passion to serve beyond ourselves takes us past the just-visiting-the-frig stops.

One Response to “Just Visiting”

  1. Klint April 13, 2012 at 8:35 pm #

    Thanks for the convicting message.

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