Life Behind a Smile

18 Feb

Mama is wearing pink.  Her oldest treasure is wearing a blue and white hand-me-down from somewhere. Her youngest is sitting in her lap.  The photo has caught Mama’s glance and her slight smile is celebrating the Blue Beamer in the middle.  Thumbs up.  It’s a long way from BMW, but Mama remembers her child’s past and she is thankful that “Beamer” can still smile.  Papa left them long ago and Mama does what she can by washing clothes for those who can pay.  If Papa had stayed, could he have protected his little girls?  Mama does not try to answer that.  Her simple faith is…life is in God’s hands.  If the photo could show what is behind the flowered curtain, one would see the bedroom.  The photographer is standing in the living/dining/kitchen.  The whole of their home is equivalent in size to the walk-in closet where the photographer used to keep his clothes.  The bedroom is very cozy.  It contains one piece of furniture…a cardboard refrigerator box with a layer of rags on the bottom that is the bed shared by all.  The littlest lap princess has had two surgeries on the left foot which was turned in at birth.  When she walks on the dirt floor she is beginning to put some weight on it and it is straightened now.  Mama is glad it is not rainy season…everything is dry now.  Then the holes in the walls let in the rain and for three months her smile is fainter than today.  Beamer’s smile…she received a new blanket today.  She proudly said, “I can share it with my whole family.”  With a heart like that, sharing hope like that, despite the life behind the smile that Mama knows, together as a family they trust in God’s intervening care.  He is the Papa that is still there.

3 Responses to “Life Behind a Smile”

  1. Sarah Fiechter February 18, 2012 at 5:21 pm #

    Love seeing some real faces of the people you are serving. We can learn a lot from them. Thanks for the perspective…


  2. Carol Klopfenstein February 20, 2012 at 2:12 pm #

    and sometimes I tend to compalin because I have to work too many hours- keep sharing- helps me appreciate my many blessings- Love always- Carol

  3. Doug Isch February 20, 2012 at 4:20 pm #

    Thanks for sharing. I don’t often comment but I love how you are able to use words and pictures to convey the deep issues that are in this hurting world. Thanks for all you are doing.

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