New Year – (Maybe) Baby

26 Dec

Every year we see the same popular cartoon depiction.  The postman-esque stork carrying a baby in a diaper bundle, with the coming New Year’s date stamped on its anatomy somewhere.   What vision does it inspire?  When I ponder the first year of a child’s life, there are all kinds of metaphors.  Several on the negative side.  Let me elaborate.  How many Dads enjoyed diaper time during the first year?  More specific, #2 diaper time.  This would not be the metaphor intended in the cartoon I’m sure.  Any Mom’s come home from the hospital to be greeted by the PMS or PPD or whatever-the-initials blues.  No joy from that metaphor either.  O.K.  How about sleepless nights with the three-hour automatic alarm clock that does not need resetting?  Now that really gets me pumped for what’s ahead.  What is the figure up to now that we will spend on this precious package before its eighteenth birthday?  Which prior, present or future administration do we blame for that?

But…if you asked 100 people if the stork thing is a hopeful metaphor, probably a vast majority of them would say, “Yes!”   …in America…world-wide…we’ll have to check those statistics.  There IS something powerfully hopeful in the potential of a newborn.  Every child for that matter.  God has seen our aptitude as human beings to be inspired by this visage.  Maybe that is part of the reason He chose to ignite the Age of Grace with a baby in a manger.  Maybe it is that hopeful potential that rallies the right to life for the innocent.  Maybe, it is that innocent potential that metaphors the faith we are called upon to emulate.  Maybe, it is the reason for the special place in God’s heart for orphans.  Maybe, the God of Hope holds on to hope for each soul brought into time to be a part of His Kingdom.  And maybe, all of us will try to share hope with hearts with all of faith’s power to positively anticipate 2012 and its events to bring Glory to the Author of Hope.

One Response to “New Year – (Maybe) Baby”

  1. Sarah Fiechter December 26, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    Merry Christmas Allen & Susan!

    Klint and Sarah

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