Tis the Season…

17 Dec

Fa-la-lah.  Fa-la-lah.   Lah, lah, lah.  What makes you jolly at Christmas time?  When you were four it was presents.  And Christmas candies and cookies.  And, “The Night Before Christmas”.  And snow.  And Christmas trees.  And smiles.  Everyone was happy.  It was easier to tolerate the wet kisses from great aunts and the a-little-too-hard cheek tweaks from great uncles.

By the time you were ten you were dodging the kisses and the tweaks but you were still happy with the smells of Christmas turkey and dinner at Grandma’s house.  And homemade cinnamon bread.  And red Jell-O with big black cherries.  And ping pong after supper to occupy time until the dishes were done.  And presents.  And you had heard “…all through the house…” too many times to be real excited.  Smiles were still good though.

Then came sixteen with twenty-two hot on its heels.  Getting, started to mean less and Giving more on the jolly scale.  Jolly actually began the transformation into joy and hope.  And there may have been a special someone to share the season with.  Jesus had moved from Bethlehem to Calvary and had invited you there for a visit.  And going home for Christmas.  And smiles and hugs.  And your Father wasn’t “the old man” any more but he was getting older.  And your Father in Heaven became the standard for giving.  And He was never changing.

Twenty-eight, thirty-four, forty.  They went by that fast.  You began to learn the meaning of “While I tell of yule tide treasure.”  Relating your own values of “jolly” to the ones God had brought into your life.  And you were the reader of, “…not even a mouse”, and “Let me Tell you How Much I  Miss You” and still enjoying smiles.  Now you were holding on to hope that Christmas would metamorphous in the lives of your listeners.  Peace on earth and good will to men was for more than a season.  And Dad was a lot older but you really wouldn’t mind following his example and his faith.  And the heavenly Father…sharing hope with hearts.

One day we will all be home for Christmas.  Imagine what jolly will mean then.

One Response to “Tis the Season…”

  1. Ronda Fiechter December 19, 2011 at 3:59 am #

    We sure miss you guys. Keep writing (and teaching)!
    Our love,
    Lynn & Ronda

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