Questions, And My Pet

3 Dec

Does God grow weary of our questions?  To Him, do those questions imply curiosity, incomplete faith or both?  After reading another blog I have come to realize that missionaries inherit a common albatross.  Its name is “Why?”  Sometimes it follows us through a crowd of poverty stricken souls like a little pet dog.  At our heels.  So loyal and true.   We weave our way past souls blinded by the false hope of prosperity’s promise waiting at destination’s end of the last or ongoing lie.  We sit in the waiting line of life watching people but not eyes.  The stories in the eyes remind us of our little pet dog.  “Here, Why.  Sit.  Speak, Why, speak.   Good dog.”

My little pet came with me to the Immigration Office this week here in Addis.  People wanting to enter.  People wanting to leave.  All clinging to desperate hope.  Many were young women.   Their journey ends in an Arab country.  They cling to much more than reality’s best.  One young lady needing a work permit…to stay…walking out in tears.  She will have to go back.  “To What?” barks Why.  One man wanted to come in.  He sat in a chair across the room.  Somebody somewhere had cut off his nose and his top lip.  Why howled and yelped.   Sometimes faith is being blind to the things you see.  Understanding must wait.  One day we will look in the mirror and see our little pet dog with the letters reversed.  We will see Him as He is.  GOD!   Faith becomes sight.  He wipes away the tears and answers even the questions were afraid to ask.

Until then we keep our little pet on a leash of our own Hope.  Sharing it with hearts when their own little pet whines and frets.  Our leash of true hope is our Rock and our salvation, our strong tower.  We dedicate ourselves in His service.  We align ourselves with His will.  Otherwise the dog is leading the leash.  Or as in a better known axiom, “The tail is wagging the dog.”

One Response to “Questions, And My Pet”

  1. Ed Schwartz December 3, 2011 at 3:38 pm #

    An age old question that is still looking for answers. Glad we serve a God who says “I am the Lord, that is my name…”. Thanks for prompting some thoughts this morning. Blessings…

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