Thanksgiving In Ethiopia

18 Nov

Next Thursday, here in Ethiopia, it is business as usual.  No turkey and pumpkin pie.  Not officially anyway.   I know that it must be close to Thanksgiving because the big stores catering to forenge (all people who are not of Ethiopian descent) have put out their Christmas merchandise even though Christmas is not on December 25.   It is actually on January 7.  In Indiana, the leaves are gone and usually the fields are empty and the grain bins full.  The fall chill is in the air and the threat of snow is only as far away as tomorrow.  Some people are looking forward to the biggest shopping event of the year, Black Friday, as a follow-up to all the extra calories from the day before.  Here, the leaves are still on most trees and the difference in temperature is barely perceptible.  No snow in the forecast.  Friday’s shopping will be no different than Wednesday.

But, it is pumpkin season here right now.  Just like where you live.  However, here pumpkins are eaten not carved and they are usually more green than orange.  The harvest season is still going on; many depend on favorable weather for a good harvest here as well.   There are no grain bins or 32 foot grain heads for combines.  Farms are small and everything that is not eaten is sold out of the field.

My favorite holiday…not for the food but for the state of heart.  Giving thanks and counting blessings.  Hope stored in spring planting has come to fruition.  God’s faithfulness again accounted above reproach.  Winter rest will give way to another season of renewed hope and the seasons and the cycle of the year end in a flourish of family togetherness.  Somebody Skype me the stuffing and gravy please.  Are there any mashed potatoes left?

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