Prey or Pray

5 Nov

Nairobi National Park.  Here Impala’s have four legs and two horns; not four wheels and one horn.  The biggest antelope, the eland, looks more like a cow than its first cousins in the rest of its bloodline.  The zebra was not given very good camouflage.  The hartebeest and its cousin the wildebeest will run away when the cats attack, but turn around and run back to watch the unlucky victim be devoured.  They all have one thing in common…they are creatures that the cats prey upon.  Their place on the food chain had been established after the Fall when because of sin, blood began to be shed.  Unto today, on the African plains, and world-wide.

Mankind is supposedly at the top of that food chain.  But even among men there are beasts of prey and praying beasts.  We drove past the place where Ethiopians go to get visas. On any day you can see multiple hundreds, maybe thousands of women waiting in line.  They intend to immigrate to Arab countries in order to find work.  Praying for the chance to find material success.   They are brought there by the fairy tale stories of working for men of wealth.  Stories abound of the consequences for those risking the peril as well.  There is another group waiting.  Men.  They are preying also.  At the exit door where the women who have had their “prayers” answered…exit.  “…As a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour,”

Daily the women come with high hopes matched by a willingness to take great risk, like the wildebeests returning to watch as the lion feeds.  Have you and I ever been like these praying women…for what we desire…material success?…willing to overlook the risks of the feeding lion.  Is that kind of praying really more like preying upon God’s grace and mercy?   When we stop watching the bloody carnage of Satan’s feast, many of us realize that the answer to these questions is sadly-yes.  Our prayers must become more than Godly coveting.  There is hope shared with hearts for spiritual fulfillment when we stop preying and start praying.

One Response to “Prey or Pray”

  1. Ed Schwartz November 14, 2011 at 11:15 pm #

    What visual imagery to illustrate the tragedy of nature! We would think that the human nature would do better than “preying” and “blood-lust”. But, without Christ, we are not much better than the predators in the animal kingdom. Thanks for encouraging stronger and more sincere prayer for those women who are exploited. Thanks for sharing…

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