…This I Know…

7 Oct

After several weeks of trying to learn the Amharic language it seems that daily I am confronted with what I do not know.  Even more frustrating is being confronted with what I know but can’t remember.  “Inay ressau.” and  “Inay al awwaqau im.” have become my consolation.  “I forgot.” and  “I don’t know.”  (Amharic is great for Scrabble though…there are lots of words with no u after q.)  Maybe it was time to find some comfort in what I do know and what I want to always remember.  In devotions one morning this week I was reminded.  I found myself singing one of the first songs I learned.

When everything is unsettled, “…this I know…” .  When everything is frustrating, “…this I know…”.  When everything is humiliating, “…this I know…”  When I have forgotten more than the right word or verb tense or sentence construction…THIS I KNOW.

“…for the Bible tells me so.  Little ones to Him belong.”  We went for supper at our Home of Hope and to visit the children on Wednesday evening.  The little ones belonging to Him.  Starting with Hanna in the foreground and going clockwise:  Moses, Joseph, Daniel, Enoch, Esther, Abigail.  The children shared hope with our hearts.  They sang a song and each recited their Bible verse.  They will not grow up saying, “I forgot, or I don’t know.”  That thought re-centers my thinking and reminds me why I am here and what is really important.  They would have been orphans.  Now they belong.  When I can count teeth clear back to the molars in their smiles, I know something else.  These children love being loved.

One Response to “…This I Know…”

  1. Ed Schwartz October 8, 2011 at 7:00 pm #

    Thanks Allen and Susan for loving these kids. I know that’s not a big stretch for you to do! Glad you have some kids to transfer your g’pa and g’ma love to, in the absence of your own.

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