3 Sep

Obviously this photo did not come from Ethiopia.  Equally obvious; the writer has fat fingers on the keyboard that hit M instead of N.   Maybe in giving the benefit of doubt; spell check does not work in the title, to irradicate the extra R or exchange M-A for P-E.  Nope, I spelled it the way the snow boy spoke it.  He was not talking about the snow storm above, not a vegetable or something shot out of a submarine; he was talking about a twister.  He’ll be four this month and in an email he was worried.  “I hope you don’t have a tormado, Grandpa.”

So, can one word make a person cry?  Tormado can.  Especially if your ticker-core is as soft as a ripe tomato.  Torpedos away, direct hit on the heart and it stirred up quite a whirl-wind of emotions and memories.  Hence the picture.  We had set out to build a snow fort.  The job seemed pretty big so we settled for snow angels and snowballs and a ride on a snowboard behind a 4-wheeler.  We don’t have snow here in Ethiopia.  And we don’t have tornadoes either.  At least not weather related.  The sun is shining in the picture making it warm enough to have winter fun outdoors.  The preceding snow storm was not even a significant memory.  But because of it, there is an opportunity to reminisce.  Most of life’s storms are like that.  After they pass, in their wake, they bring opportunities for moments of joy to be remembered.  You remember tormadoes, you forget the storms.

The sun is shining again after our tormado.  God was separated from someone he loved.  The good that came from that separation is what shares eternal hope with our hearts.  Our storm was only for a moment.  There is another memory waiting just around the next corner in time.  Hurry to the basement, up periscope, fire One, and pass me a BLT.

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