Skyping Meals and Getting Hungry

12 Aug

Most of us do not like to skip a meal.  Our stomachs revolt and remind us that they did not volunteer to take part in that decision.  Then along come pictures of food and food commercials.  Have you ever noticed how often this occurs when you are dieting or when you have pledged a fast?  A big bite from a juicy hamburger with some tomato and mayonnaise juice running down to the chin before the enjoyer can wipe their mouth.  A huge overloaded sizzling pizza set on the table as a family looks on anticipating its savory satisfaction.  A Dairy Queen commercial.   These things do not quench an empty stomach’s mutiny.  Quite the opposite, they fuel the fire.  Skipping meals does nothing to keep one from getting hungry.  Looking at food pictures or watching Food Channel is a definite handicap to those counting calorie points.

Hense, we have the subject of skyping emotional meals.  When one is on restricted access to physical contact, does seeing an image fill the empty place of that emotional need.  Or heighten the desire.  We are very thankful for technology that allows for us to visually sample these tasty emotional treats, but sometimes afterward we find that it is like looking at food pictures when you are dieting.  It leaves us more hungry than before.  So, does this mean that we do not want to skype?  Oh no.  We are looking forward to our next overloaded pizza heaped with Andy, Jenna, Crew, Ridge, and Saylor.  Add on a big thick burger topped  with James, Vanessa, and Eden.  For dessert we’ll have a Phillip and Aimee hot fudge sundae with lots of Adin and Avia and an Aira on top.  Who’s counting emotional calories anyway.  Seeing them smiling and well and sharing time shares hope with our hearts.  The time afterward…man does not live by bread alone.

One Response to “Skyping Meals and Getting Hungry”

  1. onlybygrace3 August 27, 2011 at 2:40 pm #

    Looking forward to Dessert!

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