Field of Flowers

11 Aug

When you look at a painting do you see deeper than the scene that the artist has stroked onto the canvas?  The artist’s creative genius is a gift from God.  Part of the artist’s heart and part of God is on that canvas, if the artist has allowed God into his heart.  It should speak to the observer’s heart through the eyes just as a sermon speaks to a listener’s heart through the ears; or an author’s pen to the soul.

God spoke through such a painting to my heart last June.  In the foreground, stretching across a meadow was a field of bright red flowers.  There were taller children walking through that glen, up to the waste in scarlet beauty.  The more petite made progress in the journey by following the trail of the stout.  Some were picking flowers as they walked toward a church at the distant edge of the crimson vale, mountainous hills finished the further expanse.  The sky threatened with an ominous vestige of turbulent clouds, but rays of sunshine broke through to cast shadows on the dell.  The children were wading along within an island of those rays.  Capture the vision.  Does it speak to your life?

I saw myself walking through that hollow.  Where would my eyes have been focused?  On the threatening sky, on the journey beyond the church into the mountains, on the shadows in the other parts of the meadow?  Would I have been tall enough to see the scarlet carpet, or one of the shorter that saw its thickness as an obstacle?  Would my trail have been a good one to follow?  Would my focus have been so captured by a destination of arriving at the church that I failed to see God’s presence in the journey there?  Or beyond if He beckoned?  Would I have taken time to pick the flowers?  God shared hope with my heart in that quiet contemplation.  May He share with you in your field of flowers today.

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