Games Children Play

9 Aug

Which of these individuals have/had a father present in their lives?  You know, the home-at-night-for-supper kind of man…the “read-me-another-one, Daddy” kind of man…the until-death-do-us-part kind of man.  The question’s answer from the picture is – none of them.  I know that there are some of you reading this right now that would say, “So what, a picture of my own children is no different, or,  “a picture of me when I was that age is no different.”

The big guy in the middle is our new counselor, Gach.  He grew up in a single-mom home.  Wanting to make a difference for other children has given him the drive to choose his profession.  To help provide opportunities of hope in the hearts of the children you see playing this game of soccer.  They are all smiling and having fun playing games children play.  There are people like Gach, with hearts for children; children with fathers who have made bad choices; males who were not the right kind of men.  Gach is much different from his father.  Likewise, many single moms have children who will find an influence that inspires them to wonderful things.  That influence can be a steadfast persevering mother or somebody like Gach who draws alongside them and gives them a reason to smile.  Someone who will show them that God, as a Heavenly Father, has not also abandoned them.

There is something about children smiling that warms the heart of God.  So put on a smile today and warm God’s heart.  That same smile will share hope with the heart that you draw near to.  It may even carry you back in spirit for a moment, to a time when you were carefree playing games children play.

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