New Shoes, No Feet,…

8 Aug

When we get a chance to change our perspective we come away with a different understanding.  What are you seeing in the picture?   A city from a mountain overlook above.  Correct.  Which city, which country?  Can’t tell from here.  Right again.  You have to get a little closer to determine that.  Down on the streets to see the people.  Yesterday, we were down on the streets with guests at the Sheraton for dinner.  And then we were down on the streets at a local market buying supplies for our guests to take on their mission.  They were two different worlds even within the same city.  One of grandeur and luxury.  One of…

You have heard the saying, “I complained of needing new shoes until I saw the man with no feet.”  It became reality for me yesterday.  The man with no feet.  They had been hacked off at the ankles with a machete in his past.  He held wooden blocks in his hands and had clots of rags wrapped around his knees as he crawled through the muddy parking lot at the market.  This was not the Sheraton world.  The memory of the mountain-side overlook of Addis Ababa (above) from April is pleasant for me.  This memory is not a lot different from some of my memories from our Smokey Mountain overlooks of cities there.  It is the man needing new shoes view.  But, down on the streets,  past the Sheraton of the “other half”, are the crawling-through-mud people not worried about new shoes.  Such contrast teaches our hearts true thankfulness.  That in turn opens our lives to share hope with the hearts of those with no feet.  New shoes can wait.

One Response to “New Shoes, No Feet,…”

  1. Klint August 10, 2011 at 3:36 pm #

    Amen Allen!

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