Moth to the Flame

6 Aug

Life is that way.  There are some melancholy days.  Days when memory’s flame burns too intensely producing more than usable light and heat.  Invading thoughts of moments forever irretrivable.  Moments that passed by too quickly and without being truly treasured for their beauty.  They slipped away from yesterday’s now.  Those experiences are gone with the click of the lens.  Instantly becoming digital candles.  They are delegated the name, “Past.”  And we like moths are attracted to the flame.  Drawn by a quest to recapture the heat and the light of love shared and often taken for granted.  We grope our way from perceived midnight darkness yearning for that light and heat.  Closer we come and the remembered pleasure is all that is left but it evades our capture and is so illusive.  Closer…we hear the siren songs, Regret for I-Wish-I-Woulda’ or Recapture of I-Wish-I-Coulda’.  Still closer…the pleasantness of the light and heat turns to blindness and pain.  Temporarily or longer.  We cannot see the beauty of this day nor feel the warmth of the present noonday sun.  Then suddenly the spell of gloom is broken and we see the smiles of the past as if they are now and something assures our hearts that somewhere those smiles are still smiling and those hearts are still loving even as they are being loved.  Something assures our hearts in the hope that the assurance comes from more than Something.  The One who sees past, present and future as one candle is ever-present.  We lay our most treasured love and memory on the alter of sacrifice to His Glorious Flame and concede, “Draw me Father to the Fire and to the Light.  Memories of past meld into dreams of future hope and all that is left is “YOU ARE WORTHY, LORD!”

One Response to “Moth to the Flame”

  1. Lynn & Ronda August 20, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

    You’ve been blesssed with a precious and beautiful prayer “team” back home! Our love, Lynn & Ronda

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