5 Aug

These two little girls are friends and they are babysitting the little boy at the party on Monday.  I’m not sure whether he is alarmed by the bear-hug hold this little mommy has on him or if his worried look is for the white lady behind the camera.  The dynamic duo is definitely delighting in camera face-time.  Last night before going home, I came out on the porch and sat down beside the little gal in the orange dress.  It was the same orange dress she had worn to the party.  She was sitting there playing “Jacks”.  Only here it is “Pebbles”.  First, she went and found five similar sized  small stones, as round as possible.  Four on the floor, one in hand.  Up goes the one and quick as lightning she picked up one stone and caught the one in the air before in hit the floor.  Repeat again holding one.  Up in the air, flash, grab, catch.  Repeat again holding two.  Repeat again holding three.  She made in through the cycle successfully and I shouted, “Gobez!” (Good job!).  Her smile was worth a million dollars.  Then she gave me the “jacks”.  My turn.  I’ve heard white men can’t dance…well they can’t play Pebbles either.  But I won anyway because she smiled again and my heart was waltzing.  We took turns for ten minutes and then her Mother, Addis (like the city, pronounced Adeece) came.  I said good-bye but she pulled on her mommies dress and beckoned a whisper.  Her mom said in broken English, “She give you kiss?”  What is a grandpa to do?  For ten minutes of jacks, I was rewarded with affection that shared hope with my heart.  Today, I was on the way to the store and she was outside again.  Still in the orange dress.  I stopped again and played catch for ten minutes with a basketball she was playing with.  I think I have found a new friend.

One Response to “Friends”

  1. Sarah Fiechter August 9, 2011 at 1:02 pm #

    LOVE this post, Allen!


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