What’s in Your Wallet? aahhh Purse

4 Aug

Introducing a new product line.  Here is the latest production in fashionable women’s’ purses.  These purses are part of an initial inventory at LSI/Ethiopia.  Some of the women beneficiaries of the LSI counseling center have been learning a technique which uses recycled plastic to fabricate something very useful.  The end result is a beautiful and durable product as well.  The purses not only make a fashion statement but they make an environmental statement also.  Some are cloth-lined with pockets for cell phone and wallet.  Some have straps and zippers.  They are even water-resistant and come in many different sizes.  The square patches actually have the look of leather in natural light.  We are currently working on building a stockpile for a NGO Bazar coming later this fall in addition to the sample pool to be used to develop a marketing program in the USA.

So what’s in your wallet, aahhh purse?  The question is directed at what it might contain…suggesting a particular credit card is best.  How about what’s in your purse, directed at what is it composed of; of what does it consist…well I guess we are still looking at plastic.  With the credit card the plastic sometimes costs way more than we intended to spend.  The recycled plastic raw material of the purses…that costs nothing.  But in this use, it is worth so much more because it shares hope with hearts through creating opportunity for jobs that recycle more than just plastic.  These jobs recycle the lives of the women who make les porte-monnaie de luxe.

Another thought…maybe something could be made out of recycled credit cards.

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