3 Aug

On Monday, they went to a party together here at LSI/Ethiopia.  And had cake with frosting.  Maybe you say, “Big deal.”  But for them it was and to have their picture taken together.  Another big deal.  And when we give them a print.  A really big deal.  This mother is one of the women we have been training here to make purses.  These purses are very beautifully done and are fabricated from recycled material.  It is our hope that this will develop into an income generating opportunity for these women and that we can assist by developing a market both here in Ethiopia and in the United States.  If this can happen, this mother will be able to earn a wage of 600 Birr per month.  That is a very good wage and it would be a really, really big deal for this mother and her daughter.  It is around $36.00 USD.  Really big deals come and go in our lives.  Sometimes I think how easy it is for me to spend $36…on really little deals.   LSM is exploring ways to set up fair trade outlets in the US.  Please pray for God’s blessing on this endeavor.  It would offer opportunity for many mother/daughter teams to enjoy the blessing of really big deals.  Parties and cakes with frosting,  wonderful – $26.00.  Having a print of a picture taken together, wonderful – $10.00.  Having hope shared with your heart to have a steady chance to provide for the dearest one you love…well…would it be priceless to you?

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