30 Jul

Graduation day.  That takes me back a ways.  How about you?  Walking across the stage with the sense of accomplishment driving a smile that connected our ears.  In an instant we realized how much we were beaming and we would try to quench all the tooth exposure.  Shake with the right…grab with the left.  Don’t trip down the steps.  Friends and family cheering.  Congrats and photosnaps.  Today was that day for Burke.  She wore her best dress and jewelery.  She had her hair fixed beautifully.  We could feel her joy.  We could sense that she knew she had value and purpose.  She had come to the place in her life where pride and self-worth meet and the balance of that fusion elevated her heart to a place where hope in a brighter future has a chance to survive.  Now she has a vocation and a chance for meaningful employment.  She is someone we at LSI/Ethiopia are very proud of because she fulfilled the program requirements at Selam Food Services Training.  She has been enrolled there with our partnering NGO for almost one year and she is the first to complete their program and our rehabilitation.  She has a little boy, Stephonious, he is 15 months old and stays at our day care while his Mom has been in school.  He loves basketballs and kitties and cooked carrot sticks.  He may now have a chance to have a graduation in his future.  Class of ’28 maybe.  But today was for his mommy and the hope she can share with his heart until that time rolls around for him.

One Response to “Graduated”

  1. Erin Drayer August 2, 2011 at 1:08 am #

    Dear Allen and Susan,
    Our God is so good! He is changing hearts. Stephonious has a mom that can share hope with him. We continue to pray for you.
    Joel and Erin

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