Role Models

28 Jul

Football.  Here it rhymes with toot-ball, but we, in America, spell it s-o-c-c-e-r.  You should see this guys dribble.  And I’m not talking about what comes out the corner of your mouth when the dentist has you numb.  Like in basketball, only with your feet.  Even at this age some of them are already very skillful.  And quick.  Their feet move as fast as Donald Trump’s secretary’s fingers typing termination notices.  Well, hopefully she can type.

These guys are some of the children in the Children’s Program on Saturdays; and starting in September with the school year…it will be three days a week after school and on Saturday.  The children’s program is not just fun and games.  We offer tutoring and child counseling as well.  Keeping them smiling keeps them coming back.  Education is the ticket that breaks the cycle and offers opportunity for a different life.  Some of these boys have seen and experienced more already than I did in my entire life in terms of hardship.  Some do not know how the food on the table is paid for.  Some are beginning to get teased.  All of them need role models.  Not American football players or rap stars.  Probably not American missionaries either.  We are background support.  They need Ethiopian people who love and care and share hope with their hearts that there are possibilities.  That there is a way into the Kingdom of God.  The LSI Ethiopia staff have hearts to make a difference and LSM support in America makes it possible for them to become role models.

One Response to “Role Models”

  1. Sarah Fiechter July 28, 2011 at 2:57 pm #

    LOVE “the vision” of your Mission!

    Klint & Sarah

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