24 Jul

The picture here will have nothing to do with this post.  It is disconnected from the prose.  Do you ever feel disconnected?  Ten day oppressive heat waves can do that.  Empty waiting.  Not here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  In Indiana, where you live.  112 degree heat index!  Here in Ethiopia, actually eastern Ethiopia and Somalia there has also been heat… and drought…more than 10 days.  There is famine and starvation once again and they are disconnected.  From food.  They are waiting for relief.

“Wait”.  Does it mean: stand fast where you are, stop performing.  In some contexts, yes.  Psalm 27 tells us to wait on the Lord and be of good courage; He shall strengthen your heart.  When these Ethiopian and Somali people wait on starvation, they walk.  Not to McDonald’s.  For days…to find food, or camps with food for refugees.  To stay and stop performing is to perish.  Waiting in another context can also be like a server at a restaurant…where we go to get waited on and get food.  Waiting on tables.  You may like Psalm 27 if you are waiting or feel disconnected.  I do.  Check out the context.  Does waiting mean, in your context, stop performing and stand still or does it mean get up and search for food from God or to serve God at His table.  If God is saying, “Seek ye my face.”  Waiting can mean, “Thy face Lord, will I seek.”  In the quest, he nourishes our souls, shares hope with our hearts, and assures us that we should not perish but have everlasting life.

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