Camera Shy

23 Jul

Smile.  Ok, behind your hands.  Camera shy, or something else?  Sometimes there are events of the past that make people want to hide behind their hands.  You’ve seen it on TV news when a felon is led away by police in handcuffs.  They place a paper or coat or hand or anything available in front of their face.  They are ashamed.   A small child will hold up their hand like this and really think they are not visible.  Adults know they are not invisible but they want to be.  How old do you think our photogenic young lady is…16 to 21?  With her chin profile she would not have to be camera-shy, she is probably beautiful behind those hands.  This photo was taken at the one year anniversary party for a life change.  Her past…is past.  Her future has wonderful possibilities.  Obviously, there are memories that are still affecting her self-respect.  How long will it take for her heart to release the shame?  Will forgetting her past make this possible?  No.  But with time she will be able to replace the shame and recover dignity.  When the inner beauty comes to the surface her hands will come down.  Her smile and her story and her beauty will share the same hope with other hearts that has been shared with hers.  Her testimony of overcoming will encourage others who are walking the wrong road to change direction.  Her story of consequences may encourage others to not start that journey in the first place.

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