Dressed For A Party

22 Jul

These are the six children in LSI’s Home of Hope in Addis.  Hannah is hiding behind her brother.  If you look real close you can see her nose beneath his chin.  Guess which person in the picture is not Ethiopian.  OK, that was not too hard.  Guess which ones in the picture have lost  parents due to HIV.  OK, that was pretty easy too.  These children are so blessed and when you are with them their smiles and thankful eyes say more than a thousand blog posts.  Their foster father is…you guessed it…not the guy in the jeans, the one in the suit.  But the guy in the jeans would love for you to see the same eyes and smiles he has seen.  Up close.  Close enough to grab your heart and turn it inside out.  Close enough to hear the heavily accented, “Thank you.”  They speak with quietness and shyness.  Today they are dressed for a party…but not if we turned back the clock.  Instead we will turn the clock forward.  We will look at their future.  What will God do with their lives now?  Will one of the boys become an evangelist?  Will one of the girls have a child who will work to find a cure for HIV?  The possibilities for adding Glory to God’s Kingdom and sharing hope with even more hearts are endless.  Come on, join the party!

One Response to “Dressed For A Party”

  1. Sarah F July 23, 2011 at 12:14 am #

    Love the picture, loved the post! Thank you!

    Love & Prayers,
    Sarah (& Klint)

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