21 Jul

“Look out!!”…means something is very unexpected.  “Ooukh, ooh”…unexpected but more warning.  Both verbal reactions precede modifications in the course of our direction.  Well, usually.  These auditory expletives usually accompany visual signals.  But sometimes it is not an auditory or visual signal, it is just a little voice in our heads that is saying, “Beware, you will need to alter the course of your direction.” or, “There is danger ahead.”  That little voice is our guide…when we listen.  But there are other competing voices.  We must choose which voice we will listen to.

That is the game that is going on at the reunion ceremony for the women of one year of freedom.  The lady in the yellow jacket is the “still small voice.”  She is talking softly.  The others are the competing voices and the Man of Obstacles.  They are yelling.  The lady in the red sweater is the overcomer on the new journey.  She is walking by faith not by sight and trusting her “guide” to warn of dangers and to give direction when she needs to alter her course to stay on the path of freedom.  At the reunion ceremony, it was a game.  With a meaning.  But for these ladies, life is not a game and staying on the path means the difference between life and death.  HIV is more than an obstacle.  Its consequence is hidden behind  apparent survival for a day.  This new direction and path they have chosen and the “voice” they are wanting to obey shares hope with their hearts for now and forever.

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