20 Jul

What does it say about good news from a far country?  When I was a kid I hated going to reunions.  I distinctly remember cringing at all the extra long hugs and wet-cheek kisses and the “my-how-you-have-growns”.  Not to mention ornery uncles who would pull an ear or give glad-to-see-you-again pinches.  Now that I am in the ornery uncle phase of life, my feelings for reunions have changed.  I still try to avoid wet cheek kisses, and maybe being the ear puller.

We missed out on a grand reunion before we returned to Addis.  I wished I could have been here for it.  It was a one year reunion for the women who had departed from an old way of life and had chosen to walk on a new road.  Many of us can remember life changes when habits or life styles were altered.  One year of consistent victory is a significant milestone.  For this mother and child there is hope shared in their hearts symbolized by the candle ceremony taking place at the reunion.  LSI, Ethiopia rejoices with these precious souls.  Heaven and angels rejoice.  There is another reunion coming which we are all hoping for where the light will not be one candle for one year.  The light will be the glory of God for Eternity.  This mother can live with that hope in her heart as well.  She is meeting Jesus at the well and asking for living water

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