Now It Is Accomplished

17 Jul

This is the opening line in our old hymn.  It is followed by, “I am no longer mine.”  This thought introduces the last of the long, long posts that you have labored through (or blew off) in the last few weeks.  My apologies to the faithful.  It is said that if you can’t say it in 400 words or less, it won’t be read anyway.  So bare with me one last time.  Or not.  We have been addressing a passion for defending the fatherless through sharing hope with the hearts of orphans by praying the lines of the Lord’s Prayer.  Now it is accomplished.  There are two posts today.  One short.  “I am no longer mine.”  One long.  “Happily ever after.”  Mine or Thine…that really is the question.  I want to embrace the latter.  You do too.  It is a journey, not a moment.  Thanks to all the models in my life that have shared this hope with my heart taking me on this journey.  Not Ethiopia…life.  Please continue.

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